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Image to Text (OCR)

Image to text converter is an online image OCR that extract text from pictures and photos. Convert image to text free and its 100% Accurate.


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CREATURES OF IMPULSE. Mistress Dornotuy Trapes was the buxom landlady of the ''Three Pigeons," a pretty country inn on the road from London to Norwich, and Mistress Dorothy was held by competent judges to be the pleasantest landlady on that road, for she was very pretty, anid very round, and very plump—too plump, some people said, but that was envy. She had a pretty daughter, Jenny, and a clumsy, cowardly, ill-conditioned, gawky nephew, named Peter; and these two, with a chamber-maid and a nondescript '' odd-man," constituted her staff of assistants. Jenny was a very pretty little girl, but so absurdly shy that her prettiness went for nothing. I suppose it was this very shyness of hers that emboldened Peter to fallin love with her; for he was such a timid donkey that an ordinarily self-possessed woman frightened him into fits. At all events he did fall in love with her, and he told her so. And when he told her so, Jenny forgot, for the moment, her shyness and boxed his ears soundly. He felt this blow so much that he never opened the subject again. In fact, Jenny had a proper contempt for cowards, and like all women, shy or otherwise, M

Image to Text (OCR) API

Convert image to text, online and for free. Online text document converter to extract text from all kinds of images such as PNG, JPG, and more!

Full Details

Image to text converter is a free online image OCR tool that allows you to extract text from image at one click. It converts picture to text accurately.


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