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Image to Text (OCR)

Image to text converter is an online image OCR that extract text from pictures and photos. Convert image to text free and its 100% Accurate.


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It was indeed music, the most beautiful music Raggedy Ann had ever heard. It grew louder, but still seemed to be far away. Raggedy Ann and Fido could hear it distinctly and it sounded as if hundreds of voices were singing in unison. '*Please don't howl, Fido," Raggedy Ann said as she put her two rag arms around the dog's nose, Fido usually "sang" when he heard music. But Fido did not sing this time; he was filled with wonder. It seemed as if something very nice was going to happen. Raggedy Ann sat upright in bed. The room was flooded with a strange, beautiful light and the music came floating in through the nursery window. Raggedy Ann hopped from her bed and ran across the floor, trailing the bed clothes behind her. Fido followed close behind and together they looked out the window across the flower garden. There among the flowers were hundreds of tiny beings, some playing on tiny reed instruments and flower horns, while others sang. This was the strange, wonderful music Raggedy and Fido had heard. "Tt's the Fairies!" said Raggedy Ann. "To your basket quick, Fido! They are coming this way!" And Raggedy Ann ran back to her bed, with the bed clothes trailing behind her. Fido gave three jumps and he was in his basket, pretending he was sound asleep, but one little black eye was peeping through a chink in the side. Raggedy jumped into her bed and pulled the covers to her chin, but lay so that her shoe-button eyes could see towards the window. Little Fairy forms radiant as silver came flitting into the nursery, singing in far away voices. They carried a little bundle. A beautiful light came from this bundle, and to Raggedy Ann and Fido it seemed like sunshine and moon-

Image to Text (OCR) API

Convert image to text, online and for free. Online text document converter to extract text from all kinds of images such as PNG, JPG, and more!

Full Details

Image to text converter is a free online image OCR tool that allows you to extract text from image at one click. It converts picture to text accurately.


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